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Amazing Golf Courses In Las Vegas, Nevada

Posted on May 18, 2015 in Las Vegas Golf Deals

Las vegas golf courseAt first thought, one would not think of taking a golfing trip to Las Vegas; after all its most vibrant reputation is gambling not golfing. Located in Mojave Desert, Las Vegas does not conjure lush green lawns that are synonymous with golf courses making a few individuals dismiss thoughts of visiting Vegas for golfing purposes.

Experience Golfing In The Desert

However, this cannot be far from the truth. Las Vegas is one of the premier golfing states in the U.S, having some of the highest ranked golf courses in the world. With the revolution and development of technology, Vegas golf courses have created and are able to maintain some of the high-end golfing courses despite the soaring heat experienced in that part of the country.

Additionally, Vegas experiences one of the longest period of sunshine days. With 310 days of uninterrupted sunshine days, free from storms and rainfall downpour, every day is virtually a good day for golfing. There are very little weather inhibitor that are experienced throughout, according golfers with an opportunity to enjoy the sport to their maximum pleasure during their Las Vegas golf vacations.

A Sample Of Golf Courses In Vegas

State Owned Golf Courses

Las Vegas has several state-owned golf courses that are run by private organizations. Among them includes, Durango Hills Golf Club, Angel Park Golf Club, Las Vegas Municipal Golf Course as well as Desert Pines Golf Club. These four courses being state owned are easy to access.

Private Owned Golf Courses

There are very many exclusive and exquisite golf courses in Vegas. Some are world-renowned for their pristine design and maintenance.

Shadow Creek

In this list is Shadow Creek, which was honored by the Golf Magazine as the 17th top golf course. Designed by legendary architect Tom Fazio, this golf course is one of the best the nation has. Keeping with the tradition incorporating tree and nature with golf courses, the entire golf course is dotted with trimmed trees that are breathtaking. The entire course is heavenly to play in, to say the least.  Because of this, it is difficult to book the best Vegas tee times to escape the extreme heat of the day.

Primm Valley Golf Course

Another one of Tom Fazio designs, Primm Valley Golf Course is a masterpiece and delight to play in. There are lakes that create a tropical micro-climate of, much to the pleasure of golfers. With a price tag of $ 175, the 18 hole golf course is a must visit for every golf enthusiast whenever you find yourself in Las Vegas.

The Palm Championship Golf Course

Designed by William Hull, this particular golf course brings out the essence of golfing in the desert. With green lush grass, over 200 palm trees, sand traps dotting the course and pristinely designed lakes, it is a delight and a fair challenge to play golf in this course. 18 holes, a lush green course and abundant sunshine are what you get at this course.

Other Courses

There are many other courses. You can never run out of courses to explore. They include Wynn Las Vegas, Bear’s Best Golf Course, Conestoga Golf Course, Boulder City Golf Course, Silverstone Golf Club, CasaBlanca Golf Club, Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort and Wildhorse Golf Club.

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